Best way to start this Forum off! Geek up a car!

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Best way to start this Forum off! Geek up a car!

Post  Boil_Galpin on Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:53 pm

Well seeing as there are no posts in this forum i may aswell start with my Install! .. Pics and Vids to follow


Well none at the moment seeing as the standard VW ones go POP if you hook them up to an Amp, but i have some 4 Vibe Speakers on thier way . nothing too loud but give a crisp sound.

1 x 12" Audiobahn Sub - 1 is enough Smile


7" Lilliput USB Touch Screen Display

Small State Mini ITX PC. - About 12cm Square
12V Switch intelligent Power supply - Turns the pc on and off when the car is on off ect...
350GB of Music (ok a few gigs are of filth)

Sexy Bits -
USB Bluetooth adapter - For phone support and Sending music files to the PC
Garmin GPS- Installed to the PC so uses the same touchscreen
Traffic Cams - Live traffic cams from all over the word (even included the entry Cam of the nurburgring)
Bullet Cam support - I havent actually got the camera yet , but will be able to record footage from a cam hidden behind the front grill.
OBD Displays - PC Shows live data from the ECU Including Requested Boost , Actual Boost , RPM , Speed , Throttle Angle ect.

The best bit i like -

I have kept it so the front install looks completely OEM , and the disaply on the Screen is a massive rip off of VWs Mobile Entertainment centre in the phantom ...

Ill try and get some pics up for ya to look at..

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Re: Best way to start this Forum off! Geek up a car!

Post  mike on Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:16 am

I have seen this and its wicked! Very Happy

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