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Parrot joke

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Parrot joke Empty Parrot joke

Post  FatBoyObese on Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:36 pm

A woman goes into a pet-store.. The shop-assistant says "what can I do for you?", and the woman says, " yeah, I'm looking for a parrot..."

"Well...", the shop assistant says..., "we happen to have one parrot in stock, but unfortunately it lived in a house of ill-repute for a number of years.... Therefore I can offer you a deal of %50 off...." The woman thinks, OK why not..., so she pays and takes the parrot home...

When she gets home, she puts the parrot in its cage in the corner of the living room... A couple hours later, the little girl comes home from school, walks into the living room, and the parrot says "you can't be a prostitute, you're too small..." The woman frowns, but shrugs it off...

Later, the teenage boy comes home from school, and walking into the living room, the parrot blurts out "you can't be a prostitute... You're too ugly..." Again the woman thinks, well that's weird, but oh well...., and shrugs it off...

Then, later that evening, the husband comes home, walks into the living room, and the parrots says........ " Bob!!!!"......

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