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Post  FatBoyObese on Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:39 pm

Two guys are out walking their dogs on a hot day.. As they pass a bar one guy says "hey let's go get a cold beer.." The other dude says "yeah, that'd be great, but we can't cuz of the dogs..." "Hmm...." says the first guy... "But hey, I got an idea - I'll go in first and say I'm blind and it's my seeing-eye dog, then you wait like ten minutes and come in and say the same thing"... "OK, why not.." says the second guy..

So the first guy goes in, and orders a beer.. The bartender says " sorry, no pets allowed - I can't serve you.." The guy says "but it's my seeing-eye dog - I'm blind..." And the bartender says " Heh?? Since when have they used Doberman's as seeing-eye dogs??" And the guys says " oh it's the newest thing - they've discovered that for blind people Dobermans are actually perfect as seeing-eye dogs..." The bartender, somewhat skeptical, says "OK" and serves up a cold frosty mug o' beer....

A few minutes later the second dude comes in and orders a beer... "Sorry" says the bartender. "No pets allowed".. And so the guys says " but I'm blind - it's my seeing-eye dog...."

And the bar-tender blurts out "since when did they use Chihuahuas as seeing-eye dogs?!!...."

And the guys says "THEY GAVE ME A F***ing' CHIHUAHUA???!!!.............................."

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